2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers

Superbowl 2020 is on the anvil. People are growing crazy searching for information online about this event. Well if you ask us the Superbowl series is a very big whole family entertainer. There are so many things apart from the games itself that makes it so much fun. One of the striking features of the upcoming Superbowl 2020 is the confirmation that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be performing at the halftimes of the games. Now, this is something that makes things even spicier.


Jenefer Lopez also known as Je Lo is known for her perfection. She has to be perfect in every show she puts up. Her recent tour and its media coverage show that clearly. She is the one who will never come to stage unprepared. It’s her attitude and flawless performance and the lyrics and the onstage energy that makes her everyone’s favorite.


As we had mentioned before Superbowl has everything for the family and is a family entertainer sort of event. Hence throwing in J Lo makes it even hotter. We just hope that this time the halftimes are really most entertaining than ever before. One more thing she is actually very keen on performing sporting events. We have a feeling that she too likes the energy that comes with such events. If you look in the recent past she has been part of many world-class sporting events in the past. She really infuses more energy into the picture.


What’s More 


What’s more ??? Well, there is lots more. What if we tell you that J Lo will be clubbing together with Shakira. Well, that’s not something we mentioned out of the blue but is the truth. Shakira will also be there for the halftime entertainment. We all love her specially the younger crowd. Off late Shakira has been on tours and activations around the world. She is immensly popular in the states and just like J Lo she also has a knack for sports. We would also see her being present and performing and major sports events.


All combined this is going to be a great Superbowl.  These two artists together are going to set the stage on fire. Just imagine the energy and excitement that these people when combined together will bring to the event. It will be a real rocker of the event. There is nothing to be missed about it. If we talk about the family level entertainment, even if somebody is not interested much in the rugby still they would have these performers asking for more. Such is the aura of these two super performers. J Lo & Shakira combined are really an entertainment force to reckon with. They are going to rock everyone’s boat here. The pop music that these two genius have churned out over the years have a fan following of all ages. From people in their 40’s to teenagers everybody loves them. Clubbing this music with high testosterone game of rugby will surely be something which will leave the audience gasping for some air.


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