How To book Tickets for Super Bowl 54 Online

Superbowl 2020 is just a few months away, and its that time of the year when fans are really willing to plan things out. See its a grand event and final extension sort of thing for the previous years Rugby Season. Plus its not just about rugby but its more about entertainment and spirit of enjoying life to the max. Well, enough of philosophy and let’s get down to some real kick-ass information. Coming to the core crux of the reason we are writing this article. How to book tickets for super bowl 54 online.


For starters, we will start with a word of caution. As of now from the information that we can gather from the public domain information online. The only way one can buy or book tickets for Superbowl 2020 is online and through the official website of the event. You must check out their cool website, there is some decent information about the event in particular for sure. Once you are there on the site, you would know that there are many versions of the ticket packages available.  In fact, to be exact there are 4 of them. Out of which one of the best ones avialble for everyone to book is the Superbowl 54 series. The starting price for this series is USD 6300 Per person. Remember this is the starting price, depending on where you want to sit in the stadium the price would vary. Now thats something pretty obvious. So, here is the list of options that are available for everyone to savor on.


Super Bowl 54 Tickets Options With Price 


Before going on to the pricing section directly. Let’s see what do we get in choosing to purchase the Super Bowl 54 Ticket. Buying a Super Bowl 54 ticket actually gives you a super bowl LIV game ticket. The real copy we mean. Apart from this, you get all-inclusive pregame hospitality and access to open-air pre-game parties and may be a chance to hang out with game alumni. All this for a starting price of USD 6300. Now depending upon which location you wish to sit in the stadium for watching the game. The following price points may be applicable.


For 6300 USD you can get a seat at


Section No: 103,135,107,130,


For USD 6750


Section: 135,106,129,134,107,104,132,110,138


For USD 7200


Section: 133,106,105,256,103,134,206,107,130,132,110,201,234,256,210,226,227


For USD 7425


Section: 210,226,227,126,238,138,110,153,110.


For USD 7650


Section : 139,206,232.


For USD 7875


Section: 238


For USD 8100


Section: 150, 122,114


For USD 8325

Section : 142,114


For USD 8550 and USD 9000


Section: Check the website booking schedule for these sections.


How to book these tickets? 


Booking these tickets is pretty easy. Just navigate to the official website ie and navigate to the series section. Click on buy ticket then you will reach a new webpage where you will see the map and seating arrangements and on the left-hand side, you would see the section number, number of seats available in the section and the price. On a drop-down menu you would see the number of tickets you want to buy. Just fill in the number of seats you wish to purchase the tickets for and click on the checkout make the payment and its done.


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